John H. Johnson, Founder of Jet and Ebony Magazine Born: Arkansas City, AR

jet and ebonyJohn H. Johnson was born in a rural part of Arkansas in 1918. Even at a young age, Johnson was determined to make something of himself. After moving to the north for better opportunities, he attended the University of Chicago (he attended on a tuition scholarship) and Northwestern University. He founded a number of successful magazines, including Negro World, Jet, and Ebony. In addition, he started a thriving cosmetic line, a publishing company, and a television production company. Johnson was the first African-American to be named to the Forbes 400 Richest Americans List. He also earned a Medal of Freedom by President Clinton in 1996.

There are a couple of things that are important about the success story of John H. Johnson. The first and foremost important fact to notice is that he always wanted and believed that he would be a success story, because he wanted to become not someone famous and rich, but someone who is important and would make a difference in this world. Another belief of Johnson is that everyone has disappointments, times when all the effort to becoming successful isn’t worth the hardships and sacrifices. But I guess it is a good thing he didn’t stay in this mindset, isn’t it?


A well-known quote states “Your perspective today determines your success tomorrow”. The most important thing you can have is a positive attitude about achieving your goals.  Your thoughts identify the amount of success you could accomplish in all facets of your life. Your mindset is one of the initial things individuals observe regarding you, and influence on all your business and personal partnerships. Positive perspective is not a product of heredity.  However, with proper training, anybody could obtain this essential quality—a positive, successful attitude. If your perspective is negative, you can do some tools to do an attitude adjustment.

Your mindset is one of the most powerful devices for positive activity that can aid you in becoming successful, so you will certainly need to comprehend this. Then, you can work the steps towards re-adjusting your attitude right. Your perspective influences everything you do, the way you think, and your inspirational levels. In order to turn your mindset around in the same direction of your goals, you need to have the ability to regularly fight any type of cynical thoughts that you may get inside your head. This means you need to surround yourself with favorable things and people, and you should continue your supreme goal of accomplishing the success you desire.

The bottom line is you have to be in command of your mind and mindset. Taking complete control of your mind by checking your thoughts is the initial step to being in control of your success. In order for you to be successful and wealthy, you should first make it your goal to succeed in life. While you are finding your way in the direction of your goals, you will certainly come across numerous hurdles. You might experience some failure. Yet, it is extremely important that you regulate how you respond to whatever occurs, and keep your perspective positive, while heading in the direction of your goals.

Don Tyson, Founder of Tyson Foods Born: Arkansas

TysonThere has been some conflicting information on Don Tyson, founder of Tyson Foods. Some say he was born in Arkansas, while others say he was actually born in Kansas. Either way, Tyson, like Sam Walton, is considered a native Arkansan.

Like most young men back in the day, he worked in the family’s business, Tyson’s Feed and Hatchery as a chicken catcher. During college, he left and helped his family business expand. In 1966, Tyson became president of Tyson’s Food.  One thing that is said about Tyson is that he enjoyed his career. Even after he retired, he still worked as a consultant. A good leader comes from being a good worker. This is quite true for Tyson’s Foods. When Tyson served as president, Tyson was the largest poultry processing plant in the U.S.

The lesson here is that it is not enough just to want to be successful. You have to enjoy what you are doing. Just going into a career to make lots of money, but enjoying what you are doing is pointless. You have to be enthusiastic about your work. Your passion is what will keep you thriving and becoming successful.

Passion for Pleasing Customers

Business owners understand that their customers are the secret to their success. If there are no customers there is no business. Keeping the customers satisfied ensures customers returning for future business transactions, which benefits both the consumer and the business owner.

Customer satisfaction surveys give the business owner a smart idea of just what the customer thinks about the products and services. These surveys allow business owners to ask particular concerns regarding the customer’s latest experience, a certain product, as well as the liberty to give any type of added comments that he or she may wish to share. This survey system is incredibly beneficial in maintaining a business on target with what its customer base has an interest in and also desires.

Businesses that proactively look for the ideas of their customers generally obtain commitment from those customers. Commitment to a certain brand or business is necessary to success. With this loyalty comes free advertising in the form of word of mouth referrals. In most cases, satisfied customers will tell their family and friends about an excellent service offered by a certain business. During these discussions, the customer’s friends and family will think about the product or service for him or herself. Word of mouth marketing provides your company with a solid reputation than cheap advertising and marketing.
Any business owner who wishes to ensure success for his or her business is smart to take into consideration the thoughts of their customer base. Listening to your customer’s thoughts, needs, desires, and ideas can aid to improving your business significantly and also making sure your customers remain loyal. New customers help businesses grow, however returning faithful customers make all the difference. It is simple to get a customer for the first time, however, it is a lot more difficult to get the customers to return if they are not satisfied.

Johnnie Bryant “JB” Hunt, Founder of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Born: Herber Springs, AR

jb huntSimilar to the other Arkansas businessman Jackson Stephens, JB Hunt grew up during the Depression. However, being poor didn’t stop him from achieving success. Yes, it was not the ideal condition to live, but he did what he had to do to make a life for himself. Like most young people during this time, he went to work to help support his family. That’s the one thing about successful businesses, like The Garage Door Guy Corp, people have the same vision in making the business thrive, helping out where it is needed.

Hunt joined the military to further his career. After leaving, he worked as a lumberman and truck driver before starting his own business selling rice hulls. Here is something interesting about Hunt’s story; his first attempt at starting his own business didn’t go well. He didn’t give up his dream of having his own. Hunt re-grouped and gave it a second go in 1969. This time, he was successful. JB Hunt is one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in the world. In 1990, Hunt was named Arkansan of the Year.

Don’t Give Up

Whether you’re simply starting a brand new business, or you’re planning to expand an established company, positive thinking can assist you. Here are some tips you could utilize to grow your company– despite where you’re starting from. I know some of these tips might sound weird, but believe me, they actually work. Moreover, what business couldn’t use some positive energy?

Get rid of dead points— If you want to grow a company, you should throw out products or ideas that don’t work. Anything that signifies a dead or stunted growth is going to entice the negativity into your business.

Seeds of adjustment— If you want to use symbols to represent your success, attempt planting seeds and then nursing them to complete growth. This will certainly allow you to motivate the power of upward energy, blossoming right into a completely mature plant– much like your business. Putting in the time to water these seeds and provide for their needs will assist you in bringing that upward energy right into your business activities.

Failure is not an option— Though a lot of us would claim that we gain from our errors, you do not want to be surrounded with reminders of your failures. Get rid of any kind of traces of bad business performances or other things that went badly during your business growth. This way, you will be surrounding yourself with favorable tips of just what you have actually succeeded, encouraging you to do even more positive things.
Check out success tales— Concentrating on what can take place for your business will motivate positive power in your everyday business schedule. Review success tales and post them around your office to remind yourself that things are feasible, and you could be the next success story. Or you could create your very own success story, if it hasn’t already taken place yet.

William T. Dillard, Founder of Dillard’s Department Store Born: Mineral Springs, AR

dillardsWho would have thought that a son of a country store owner would go on to earn an M.A. from Columbia and succeed in becoming the founder of one of the most successful department store chains in the world? That’s exactly what William T. Dillard accomplished.

Dillard not only gained experience from working in his father’s store, he also gained experience by working at Sears. When he was finished with his studies at Columbia, he returned to Arkansas and opened his first store in 1938. Soon after, Dillard opened stores in Tennessee, Texas, and other southern states. Early in his success, he recognized the significance of mall stores and decided this was how his business could prosper.

There is a lesson in everything that happens in our lives. Now, Dillard didn’t come from money, nor did he come from a famous family. Simply put, he was a man who wanted to be successful, and he discovered a way to do so. He recognized a good thing when he saw it. When he saw all those shoppers coming to malls to purchase clothing and home furnishings, loving the convenience of not having to drive all over town to get what they needed, he jumped on the opportunity.

Getting Started to Success

If you are ready to start your company as well as being successful, do some research on advertising strategies and also utilize the various business tools that are offered. You understand you have an efficient advertising and marketing project when you bring the traffic to your business, and the traffic converts to sales. A clear sales method is the most effective course to success and revenues in the business world.  New business owners also make the mistake of thinking that one business approach will do. There are several ways to develop a winning brand for your business, but remember this is just a component of the method that you will be required to know for success.

There are those prospective business owners who continue to promote inadequate ads or internet sites that don’t function. An effective online marketing approach is similar to its non-internet equivalent. When you have the ability to get traffic to your business on a normal basis, you will understand that your marketing methods functioned, and your business is on its way to ending up being a success.

The right advertising creates brand recognition and reveals exactly what you have for sale. Unlike during the time Dillard was forming his business ventures, website or online marketing is an archetype of exactly how these abilities collaborate. Mass advertising is beyond the extent of many firms and also entrepreneurs.
The creation and enhancement of informative write-ups is a powerful method of pulling customers in. Composing short articles is one of one of the most reliable approaches you could use to boost your sales. Composing and dispersing ad postings are just some of the most reliable methods of driving traffic to your business.

Kemmon Wilson, Founder of Holiday Inn Born: Osceola, AR

holiday innDo you know why Kemmon Wilson came up with the idea of starting a hotel chain? He was disappointed with the quality and substance of hotels on a road trip his family took.

Wilson thought that he could do better. So, he founded a niche that needed improvement, and he jumped on it. His first Holiday Inn was established in 1952, and after seeing the success of the first one in Memphis, TN, he started opening others.

Well, I don’t have to tell you the rest. You can’t go anywhere in the world without seeing a Holiday Inn. Over the years, these hotels have kept up with the changing times. Since technology is so far beyond what anyone would have guessed it would be in the 50’s, of course there are such amenities as WI-FI in the rooms, as well as business centers. But a point to take notice of is that Wilson saw something that he didn’t like, and instead of complaining, he worked to change it. He realized that people would take vacations and trips, and after a long flight or drive, they would want a comfortable hotel room. He made it happen. Change and success will not come with just griping, but with changing your mind to make it better.

Change for Success

Andre Maurois imparted the now-famous anecdote: “If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.” Small things usually do make the biggest differences. That’s just working smarter, not harder.

The quest to success begins with idea, shown principles and a burning need to transform. A bunch of it will certainly boil down to just how your mind is programmed and whether you have offered yourself permission to win.

We understand that it is not about working harder. As an example, Olympic champion Peter Vidmar was always the last gymnast to leave the gym. Surrounded by several very gifted professional athletes, he really felt that he didn’t have the all-natural skill that some of his competitors did. He knew that he could not practice twice as hard as they did.

Minute for minute, he gave it his all just like they did. He made one minor adjustment, and it paid off with huge returns. He always simply added fifteen more minutes to his workout when he was in the gym by himself. When he went on to win a gold medal over his gym mates, the ones that he felt were more innately gifted, he associated the added fifteen-minute workouts as being a crucial part of his success.

Those who demand the most out of their life are the ones who will achieve success exponentially. It is imperative that you simply bear in mind, it begins with just how you look at success and the changes needed to get it. It’s a fundamental foundation, but rapid success is truly based on having better strategy and implementation for your journey to success.

Jackson T. Stephens, Founder of Stephens, Inc. Born: Prattsville, AR

stephens incLike many other famous and successful people born in Arkansas, Jackson T. Stephens came from humble beginnings. He was raised on a farm in rural Arkansas. But his humble start didn’t stop him from becoming a success story. Raised during the Depression, Stephens attended the Naval Academy. I have noticed this with many famous people, and I hope you noticed too. They all used their education to further themselves.

A lot of Arkansas businesses, such as the guys over at Fayetteville Carpet Cleaner, are headed by folks who studied business plans and methodologies. The thought behind this is don’t be too proud, or spiteful, to think that you don’t need to look at others’ success to see what they are doing right.

After graduating from the Naval Academy, Stephens went to work side-by-side with his brother at his investment house, Stephens, Inc. By 1994, this financial services provider was ranked up at the top with other successful Arkansas-based companies, right along with Wal-Mart and Tyson’s Foods. It is well-known that Stephens supported numerous causes, such as making a huge donation to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.

Giving Back

One of the most significant dangers I’ve seen with people and business is how they progress when they have already had success. Not that success itself is the trouble, however in some cases, it’s the attitude it can bring. Many of those who actually prospered approach their business with a learning attitude. They intend to discover business, try points out and if they work, they really respect themselves.

Ergo, once some folks have had a taste of success, they begin to feel “overly positive” concerning their potential customers, ignoring everything that provided them their first success. They feel they can do no wrong. They feel, “I can do it once again.”.

You’ve probably heard that 9 out of every 10 businesses fall short in the first five years. In my perspective, I would definitely agree with that. If you believe that your success will be a continuous unending string of “King Midas Touches”, that is when you need to go back and take a good look at yourself. If you have actually had success in one endeavor, it doesn’t imply that it will certainly end up being a streak.

Nonetheless, if your strategy for your business begins with a little humility for the success you’ve currently had, I think that you keep and actually gain momentum on your rivals. It helps maintain you defending your business and enables you to remain in the success game longer.

Listen, do not simply listen to  just one of the best lessons I ever discovered, which is to open up your ears and close your mouth. If you pay attention to your customers and your prospects, they will inform you just what they desire and need. By listening, you can alter what you thought was the right approach to your business, when as a matter of fact, you could have been wrong.

Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart Born: Kingsfisher, OK

walmartI know, I know, Sam Walton wasn’t born in Arkansas. However, he is definitely considered an “Arkansan” through and through. If you don’t know, Walton established his first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, AR in 1962.  This wasn’t Walton’s first store. After leaving the Army, he bought a store, back then referred to as a “five and dime” store, in Newport, Arkansas.

It is well-known that Walton was a masterful negotiator. He was successful because he paid attention to other business owners who were successful. Moreover, he always kept goods in stock that he saw that were being purchased at a rapid rate. Walton also noticed that one of his competitors, Meijer, offered consumers one place to buy everything from groceries to goldfishes. He decided that his stores would do the same. Walton mastered the business plan of “one-stop shopping.” Arkansas businesses, like Benefit Plumbing of Fort Smith, bought its supplies from Wal-Mart. He thrived by paying attention, studying others’ methodology is what made Walton an American success story.

Walton business ethics earned him a spot as one of the 20th century’s most influential individuals. Also, like John H. Johnson, he earned a Medal of Freedom in 1992, given to him by then President Bush.  It still surprises me that Walton, who lived and died in Bentonville, AR, was the richest American from 1982 to 1988.

Perseverance for Success

Perseverance is continuing to do something despite challenges or troubles. It is among the best top qualities to have, because with perseverance, success in your business is virtually guaranteed.

To persist, you should have faith that you actually can be successful. If you don’t think success is possible for us, you will not be inspired to continue. But this is the problem. If you do not have much faith in yourself, you will certainly quit your journey quickly.

Regretfully, this can develop into a routine practice. If on the other hand, you believe you will certainly prosper, you will certainly not give up. You could encounter terrific problems, and because you believe you’ll inevitably do well, despite having failures, you simply change your tactics or readjust your objectives a little and continue on your way.

So at the heart of success, is the ability to persevere. The question is exactly how do you urge this premium quality in yourself?

Understand the fact that perseverance will certainly often lead to success. When you begin a new success journey, make a pledge to yourself that you will certainly try it for a specific time period and not stop before that time is up. Make the period of time short if you have to, but regardless of what, maintain your assurance that you will not stop before the allocated time.
When the due date gets there, you could then choose if your approach is working and you should proceed similarly, or if you need to make modifications in your approach. The most important thing to remember is never, ever give up on your goals. Only change your approach.

Paul Klipsch, Inventor of Klipsch Speakers Born: Elkhart, Indiana


Paul Klipsch wasn’t born in Arkansas, but because he did so much business in Arkansas, we consider him an honorary Arkansas businessman. Moreover, it is in Hope, Arkansas he came up with the klipschcornidea of designing an audio speaker so music could be heard loud and clear. You know that when he told people that he was going to invent a product that would allow sound to be heard in his living room, they thought he was crazy. But as we have seen with history, it is from “crazy’ that some of the best inventions have come to manifest themselves to fruition. I mean, who would have thought that you can now carry your phone in your breast pocket and talk with anyone, anywhere in the free world? Or, you can put over 10,000 songs on a device that is no bigger than a matchbook?

Today, his creation, the Klipschorn, is still being manufactured and sold. What start Klipsch on his journey to success was the fact that he wasn’t happy with the sound that typical phonographs were producing. Again, like Kemmon Wilson who wasn’t satisfied with the quality of hotels and founded Holiday Inn, Klipsch wanted to change something that he thought could be better.

Traits for Success

I bet Klipsch would agree with me, but vision is one of the best assets you bring to a company. Nevertheless, simply because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it will certainly work today. Ask yourself, “Exactly will this work for me?” Consider the cell phones since cell phones are so popular. Does yesterday’s product tells you that you should spend even more cash and create a better cell phone, or should you invest in attempting to capitalize on which cell phones are popular? Here are some traits to possess if you want to be successful in business.

Look at Your Business with Fresh Eyes

If you examine your business, are you still relevant? Does your business plan still make sense? If you constantly reassess your business, you will not be captured barefoot if your business industry changes.

Be Happy

Have you ever before visited a store or restaurant where you felt as if it was an honor for you to be offering them your cash? I hate those places. If you were a customer of your business, would you spend your money there? In all honesty, ask yourself this question. If you don’t value customers, then forget about them helping you succeed.

Ignore the Congrats

I take pleasure in being congratulated for a well-done job, yet if you dwell on those points, exactly what do you actually obtain? Have you ever walked into an executive office where the wall surfaces were covered with honors, plaques, pictures of them with well-known individuals and over the top “take a look at me as well as just what I’ve done” ornaments? When you stroll right into an office like that, you absolutely form a point of view about that individual. This person is completely self-absorbed. I believe you’re much better off valuing the many thanks, understand exactly what you did to get them and move on.
Every business owner’s goal is to end up being effective, when you’ve reached your goal. You have to make certain that you remember you’ll reach the next goal, have even more success, if you don’t let arrogance get in the way.

Forrest Wood, Founder of Ranger Boats Born: Flippin, AR

ranger boatsI will be the first to admit I had never heard of Forrest Wood. But after reading that he was the Arkansas native who founded Ranger Boats and Wood Manufacturing Company. If you are an avid fisherman, and you have rented or own a bass boat, you have Wood to thank for it. The Wal-Mart FLW Tour is named after him. I bet he was good friends with Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.

Wood started off as a fishing guide. This is a common fact. Most successful people started off at a position that is way below founder, CEO, etc. In order to learn, you have to start at the bottom. I know this doesn’t sound appealing in the least, but you will be surprised that all entrepreneurs and successful people begin their careers in a much lower position. Furthermore, they were happy to do so, because it gave them insight into the business.

Simply put, they made an appearance to become a successful individual. After working as a fishing guide and learning what fishing enthusiasts were looking for in a fishing boat, Wood began designing and constructing his own bass boats.  Although his facility was destroyed in a fire, Wood was able to save some of his customer’s orders, and he just started again. Ranger Boats are sold worldwide are considered the best bass boats in the industry.  Hard work and determination creates a successful career, as well as giving you a successful reputation. You are known not by your words, but your works.

Work for Success

Wood will be the first to tell you that success comes from work and not just sitting around observing. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have vision. However, at some point,  vision has to manifest itself into action. If you need some help in gettting working on your business success, read on.

Check your fears at the door—Fear is the biggest hindrance to being successful in any area of your life. Keep positivity coming into your business.

Facility your success—If you know anything about Feng Shui (I know this might be your thing, but just follow for a minute), the center of an area is connected with health and wellness. I am going to translate, if I may. If you keep good energy in and around your business, meaning making sure your employees and customers are well taken care of and their needs are met, you encourage monetary and a healthy business. This will get you closer to your business goals.

Leave some vacant space—Even if you are trying to grow your business, leave some space in your business and your life for relaxing and winding down. A break room or reading room where you can your employees (or customers) can unwind is a necessity. It is understandable that you need to be coming up with ideas for making your business a success. However, you still need time to let your mind breathe and free of everything. When you consider that physical and mental “empty space” is essential for your business, you will be able to have a more successful business.